Overnight in Bruges

🍷 Drap Wijn
📸 Canon Top Shot (1986)
🎞 Kodak Portra 400

We spent a night outside of Bruges with Flemish fermentation legend Emelie Maeyens.

Here’s a picture of her shed, where she concocts tiny batches of low intervention wines & ciders.

We’re talking long ferments, intense macerations, and some crazy experimental blends.

She even hand-welded her very own grape press, complete with hand-painted flames.

We finished the night with a delicious spaghetti dinner (thanks!), goose rillettes, & some gorgeous skin fermented Pinot Gris. We also got to hang out with her blind/deaf(!) French Bulldog “Bas”.

Cheers for having us, and shop Emelie’s wines here!

-Malory & AJ