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Malory and AJ in front of Benelux Wine Co on Kings Day 2020

According to the City of Amsterdam,
Benelux Wine Co started on 24 September 2019.
But we'd say that Benelux started when we moved from Tokyo to Amsterdam.

AJ decided to visit some nearby winemakers
while Malory was away at an international cheese conference.
He tried a lot of wine.

We call that the beginning.

Or maybe it started much earlier,
like when we picked grapes in Bordeaux and dreamed of opening a wine shop.
Or maybe in Israel on a goat farm.
Or at that vineyard in Australia.
Or maybe it was that French exchange student.

Whatever the case, here's our outlook: Think globally, drink locally.
That's why our goal is to provide you—the wine drinker in Amsterdam— 
with the power to sustainably support small, local producers.

Our bottle shop + tasting room is located in Amsterdam's Jordaan.
It's a unique area, home to Amsterdammers and expats alike,
and we're focused on providing products and experiences that strengthen the local community.