According to the City of Amsterdam...

Benelux Wine Co started when we opened the shop in 2020. But we'd say it began a year earlier, when we moved from Tokyo to Amsterdam. 

🚙 We booked a rental car for a month and visited all the winemakers we could find within a day's drive from the city. We tasted some great bottles, and eventually started selling some to friends and neighbors.

We call that the beginning.

Or maybe it started much earlier, like when we spent a season harvesting grapes in Bordeaux. Or maybe when we worked on that goat farm in Israel. Or perhaps that vineyard in Australia?

🌍 Whatever the case, here's our outlook: Think globally, drink locally.

In the end, we opened a shop to give other wine drinkers in Amsterdam that same power to discover and support small local producers.

Wanna join? Stop by the bottle shop to find something fun, or reserve a seat in our cozy tasting room. Until then, enjoy browsing! ✌️

Cheers friends,

Malory & AJ