Winemakers:  Douwe and Jantiene Broersma
Growing:  Johanniter, Solaris, Souvignier Gris, Pinotin, Carbernet Cortis, Cabernet Noir, Pinot Noir
Established:  2009
Bottles:  10,000
Region:  Friesland, Netherlands 

Here’s how Roman historian Tacitus once described the northern Dutch province of Friesland: “The terrain is fierce, the climate is rough, life and landscape are bleak.”

At the 53rd parallel, it’s closer to the artic than the southernmost point of Alaska. All the more impressive, then, that the region calls home to Wijngaard de Frysling, the Netherland’s northernmost vineyard. 

The name Frysling is a portmanteau of Friesland and Riesling. So, yes, everything happens for a riesling.

Despite the naming, Frysling opts for newer disease-resistant grape varieties including Johanniter (with a taste between Riesling and Pinot Gris) and Solaris (an early ripening aromatic type).

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*Photo copyright: Wijngaard de Frysling