Winemakers:  Ron Langeveld & Monique van der Goes
Growing:  Rondo, Solaris, Johanniter, Bianca, Pinotin, Pheonix, Souvignier Gris, Cabernet Blanc, Cabernet Cantor, Cabernet Cortis
Established:  2004
Bottles:  20,000
Region:  Noord Brabant, Netherlands

Before getting into the wine business, Ron Langeveld studied theoretical mathematics, wrote software for a Swedish telecom company, and trained to qualify for the Dutch Olympic canoeing squad.

His next logical step was to build a winery (in this case, by hand, constructed in the traditional Flemish style). In 2004, Langeveld planted a couple of vines and called it Dassemus, named after the local hamlet.

Today, Langeveld pursues a handful of modern winemaking techniques. He’s a champion of hybrid grape varieties, currently experimenting with 8 different varieties, mostly German. As for the soil, it’s enriched by nitrogen-fixing plants such as marigold and clover.