Winemaker:  Pit Pundel
Growing:  Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Elbling, Auxerrois, Rivaner, Chardonnay
Established:  1692
Bottles:  80,000
Region:  AOC Moselle Luxembourgeoise, Luxembourg 

As the 13th generation, Pit Pundel succeeds a long tradition of winemaking on the banks of the Moselle river. From his winery and tasting room at the top of the hill above Wormeldange, Domaine Pundel Vins Purs overlooks vast tracks of vineyards in Luxembourg and Germany. 

Pit himself is a major fan of the grape Riesling and it shows in his selection. Each vineyard gets its own dedicated bottle, with the crown jewel being the Riesling Peteschwengert. This wine is made from Riesling vines planted around the year 1900. With over 100 years of wisdom to share, having survived a couple world wars and phylloxera, this wine tells you a long an gentle story in its surprising freshness and complexity.

An important part of the Pundel wine selection is Pit's passion for minimal intervention. He's determined to let the wines and the terroir speak for themselves. It's no guess as to why Riesling ended up being his favorite!