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Maison Viticole Schmit-Fohl

Pinot Gris Wormer Waïbour 2019


Playful Orange & Ginger

Pinot Gris comes in a variety of forms; depending on where it’s grown, it can be spicy (Alsace), light (Italy), or fruity (Oregon). Here’s a bottle from an 11th-generation winemaker in Luxembourg that’s chock full of playful orange and ginger, flavors entirely befitting of this generous grape variety.

The origins of Maison Viticole Schmit-Fohl date back to 1792, precisely three years after the start of the French Revolution. Unlike France’s monarchy, however, the wine estate, now one of Luxembourg’s oldest, has continued into the 21st century. Learn more

Song: Modern Love, David Bowie
Movie: My Neighbor Totoro, Hayao Miyazaki
Book: The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

For a more traditional pairing, enjoy this Pinot Gris with all kinds of fish and shellfish, chicken or even cheeses. It's a beautiful aperitif as well!

Grapes:  Pinot Gris
Vineyard:  Organic, planted 1991
Harvest:  Hand-picked, 60 hl/ha
Cellar:  32-day (17°C) fermentation, stainless steel maturation on fine lees
Alcohol:  12.5%
Sugar:  7 g/L
Acidity:  6.9 g/L
Soil:  Shell limestone
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