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Grand Cru Costa Rica 40% Milk Bar

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This Grand Cru milk chocolate bar is made from the finest Trinitario cocoa beans, grown in Finca La Amistad in northern Costa Rica. The Swiss couple Ruth and Ernst Brugger own the farm. They have been planting sustainable and first-class noble cocoa trees for more than seven years.

The Trinitario cocoa bean is one of the three most important cocoa varieties in the world. If you draw the parallel with wine, you can compare cocoa varieties with grape varieties. The Trinitario is originally from the Caribbean island of Trinidad. It is a natural cross of the two other most common cocoa varieties, namely Criollo and Forastero. The Trinitario is now being planted in various countries, such as Papua New Guinea, Madagascar and Grenada. It is an exclusive cocoa variety, because worldwide it accounts for about 20% of cocoa production.

This well-balanced milk chocolate bar is distinguished by a harmonious cocoa complemented by a pleasant milk taste. Conching the chocolate for 36 hours releases delicate aromas. The taste of caramelized almonds is rounded off with mild honey. The sensory adventure of this milk chocolate bar ends with a hint of a sweet, ripe banana.
  • Locally Sourced (<400km)
  • Small (Family) Production
  • Minimal Intervention

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