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Domein Holset

Dotje 2017


Exotic Apples & Elderflower

A half bottle blend of 80% Cabernet Blanc with 20% Johanniter from the Netherland's only exclusive sparkling wine producer. With flavors of apple, gooseberry, and elderflower, this sparkling wine enjoys extra complexity with hints of tropical fruits. "Dotje" is the little brother of Domein Holset's sparkling cuvée "Dot" and is the perfect little gift or an aperitif for two.

In the rolling hills at the corner of Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, Domein Holset boasts of beautiful views and delicious méthode traditionelle sparkling wines to accompany them. Learn more

Song:  New Song, Howard Jones
Movie:  Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino
Book:  The Phantom Tollbooth, Norton Juster

For a more traditional pairing, enjoy this sparkling wine with salads, oysters, and certainly as an aperitif. In the garden or the park, this is a great little treat.

Grapes:  Johanniter (60%), Cabernet Blanc (40%)
Vineyard:  Organic
Harvest:  Hand-picked, 2016
Cellar:  Partially aged on oak, méthode traditionnelle, 30 months on lees
Alcohol:  12.5%
Sugar:  6 g/L
Notes:  Disgorgement Oct 2020
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