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What we do

We started Benelux Wine Company to give you— the wine drinker in Amsterdam— an opportunity to discover the best wines from our local region.

As a micro-focused distributor, we partner directly with small, family-owned vineyards in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Our goal is to provide an alternative to mass-market wine, giving you the power to support local producers through sustainable distribution methods.

Our online shop offers fast and free pedal delivery in the city, and speedy shipping across the Netherlands.

Finally, we plan to offer regular pop-up tastings and wine tours. Our goal is to create a curious community of wine drinkers bound together by shared experience.

Want to learn more about the top wines from our region? We’ve got you covered.

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Our Values


We’ve visited over 30 small producers and have tasted over 300 bottles from the region, and we only choose top vintages. Our shop features a rotating selection of limited-edition bottles.


We’re focused on providing a product and an experience that strengthens the local community. We serve fellow wine lovers in Amsterdam by showcasing local products through an eclectic range of story-driven tasting experiences.


Did you know that 90% of emissions associated with wine are connected to the distribution process? That’s why we provide streamlined transport, storage, and delivery, from the vineyard straight to your doorstep.


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