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Domaine Mme Aly Duhr et Fils

Les Grains Nobles du Nussbaum Riesling 2018


Delectable Honey & Tangerine

Ben & Max Duhr’s luscious late harvest dessert wine made from grapes infected by a benevolent form of the Botrytis fungus, aka “noble rot”. Unravel immensely complex layers of tangerine, honey, & spiced peach.

Founded in 1872 by Mathias Duhr, the estate is located in the wine-growing village of Ahn. Small riverside holdings now total 18 hectares, with the oldest Riesling plot dating back to 1972.  Learn more

Song: One of Us, Abba
Movie: Her, Spike Jonze
Book: James and the Giant Peach, Roald Dahl

For a more traditional pairing, enjoy this late harvest noble rot Riesling cheeses or as a replacement for dessert.

Grapes:  Riesling
Vineyard:  Organic
Harvest:  Hand-picked, vendange tardive (late harvest), 5 hl/ha
Cellar:  Spontaneous fermentation w/ native yeasts
Alcohol:  12%
Sugar:  153.6 g/L
Acidity:  8.6 g/L
Notes:  Noble rot (botrytis cinerea)
Soil:  Shell limestone
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