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Wijngoed Thorn

Wijngoed Thorn

Winemaker:  Harry Vorselen
Growing:  Pinot Gris, Auxerrois, Pinot Noir, Frühburgunder
Established:  2001
Bottles:  60,000
Region:  Maasvallei Limburg PDO, Netherlands


Grape minds think alike…

Known as ‘the white village’, the town of Thorn in the Dutch province of Limburg was once the smallest independent state in the German Holy Roman Empire.

Wijngoed Thorn street front

Located near the River Maas (Meuse as it’s known in French), the area is now part of Europe’s first ever cross-border wine appellation.

Harry Vorselen from Wijngoed Thorn (NL) and Karel Henckens from Wijndomein Aldeneyck (BE) spearheaded the creation of Maasvallei Limburg PDO, the newly recognized wine-growing area.

Given the fact that Vorselen and Henckens studied winemaking together in the Moselle, we can be sure to expect some healthy competition in the near future.


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