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Winemaker:  Servaas Blockeel
Solaris, Rondo, Bronner, Sauvignac
Established:  2013
Bottles:  20,000
Region:  Wallonia, Belgium

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The first natural wine producer in the Benelux region. Winemaker Servaas Blockeel adheres to permaculture practices, no-till farming, and wild spontaneous fermentation.

Eggs for aging wines at Het Lijsternest in Belgium

His wines are aged in egg-shaped tanks, allowing for a level of micro-oxidation resulting in pure & juicy reds with silky-fresh tannins. No sulphites, no additives, and no filtration.

Cows in the Het Lijsternest vineyards in Belgium

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*Profile photo, barn photo copyright Lijsternest.

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