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Domaine Alice Hartmann

Domaine Alice Hartmann

Winemakers: Pierre Wesner and Jean Godard (owners), Hans-Jörg Befort (cellar master)
Growing: Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
Established: 1920
Bottles: 100,000
Region: AOC Moselle Luxembourgeoise, Luxembourg


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A voice of Riesling

Terroir can loosely be defined as a ‘sense of place’: Sauvignon in Marlborough; Merlot in Bordeaux; Cabernet in Napa. For Riesling, that place is most likely the Moselle, or Mosel in German.

But this isn’t Germany. We’re across the border in the small landlocked nation of Luxembourg. From the capital city, it’s only a half-hour drive to the scenic ‘Route du Vin’, the 42-km wine trail lining the vertigo-inducing slopes of the River Moselle.

Domaine Alice Hartmann has holdings in some of the most prized vineyards here, most notably Koeppchen, a southern-facing 55-degree slope and Luxembourg’s most famous terroir.

The flag of the Grand Duchy (red, white, and blue stripes, nearly identical to the Dutch flag) flies above the 70-year-old vineyard. It’s a sight to behold, especially from the front entrance of the estate’s pink-hued tasting room in the town of Wormeldange.

It’s hard to get your hands on these bottles. The estate runs an old school sales system, restricting orders to top restaurants and “allocation clients”. The wine is brilliant and the hype is real.



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*Photo copyright: Domaine Alice Hartmann